School Association
The School Association executive is an elected body comprising of parents, staff and community members. The function of the executive is to:
· Monitor the progress of the school plan and budget
· Make recommendations in relation to reports made by the principal
· Provide a means of communication between the school and the community
· Promote public awareness of and support for the school
· Represent the school community in school decision making and policy  
Chairperson:   Luke Sayer 
Parents and Friends Association
The P&F Association is made up of parent volunteers, all of whom have an interest in taking an active role in our school. The P&F provides an opportunity for parents, friends and teachers to meet together in the evening in order to; support the school and learning program, provide an educational forum for parents to learn more about children’s development and the art of parenting and provide an important social link with the school for parents. Meetings are held once per term.
President: Teeny Brumby
Parent and Community Participation
We believe that the education and development of any child is a shared responsibility involving the parents and school community.
Help in the Classroom
Parent help in the classroom is welcomed and frequent visits to school for assemblies, school activities, tutoring and sporting occasions during school time is strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated by staff and students.
All parents and community members who are acting as volunteers or providing support in the school must have a current Good Character Check (forms available from the office) and are asked to sign the register at the front office on arrival and collect a visitor’s badge.
Parents who need to collect children during recess and lunch times are asked to contact the office staff who will arrange for your child to be brought to the main office area. Parents are requested to sign children out if leaving during school hours and sign them in if they are running late.
Please contact the school on 64333655 or via email if you would like further information on volunteering at school.